Retirement Planning

People often think of retirement in abstract terms – far away, undefined, difficult to envision. As a result, more people are unprepared to retire than ever before – according to the Insured Retirement Institute’s 2019 study, 45 percent of baby boomers haven’t put a single penny toward their own retirement.


Prepare for Tomorrow, Make the Most of Today

Journalists and pundits seem to come out with a new study or soundbite every week declaring our country is in a “retirement crisis.”

But is there actually a nationwide “retirement crisis?” Whether or not there is a cumulative crisis among individuals preparing to eventually retire isn’t the point. The point is that your retirement is in your hands. While you may feel as though there is a crisis looming if you’re unprepared to retire, the truth is that it’s not too late to start those preparations through intentional planning.

That’s what we’re here for – to help you avoid your own personal retirement crisis by putting your financial plan into concrete terms using our five-step process. Want to find out how prepared you are for retirement right now?

Everyone Offers Retirement Planning These Days. What’s so Special About Our Approach?

We often compare retirement planning to trying to hit a moving target in the wind. The target is your retirement goals – essentially what you want to spend and pursue with your finances.